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Please take time to contact us. You will get the wonderful opportunity of your life time. this is the One and Only offer available across the world. If you find, any one just like this or better, please do let us know. You will win wonderful gifts from us. It’s our challenge to the world. Call: 00917760636363  on Whatsapp


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We are accessible 24 x 7 through wide variety of channels, including our DC ChatBot Pidi. Pidi will help you with all your quiries. You will love him.


Whether you are a Vendor or a Publisher/Affiliate, all the necessary documentation is in place and will be updated quite regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SendMeAds?

SendMeAds is a wonderful opportunity to bring both Vendors and Affiliates on to one platform. Where, affiliates can earn good amount of money, by helping vendors to promote their products and/or services. In short it is The Best platform in the world.

Who is eligible to join as an Affiliate/Publisher?

Though affiliates and publishers are not that different, if you have a full fledged website with good traffic you are a publisher and if not you are an affiliate. Any one with full commitment to quality and hardwork can become our affiliate/publisher.

Do we need any qualification?

Both Yes and No. Formally you need not have any kind of qualification what so ever. But, we expect you to be knowledgeable in both English language and Internet world. As well if you have own laptop and Internet, added advantage.

What kind of Vendors you are looking for?

We are happy to work with small and medium sized online and offline businesses. As well we are interested in both traditional and most modern businesses also.

Do we need to pay as an affiliate?

Nothing to pay now or ever in future. Instead we pay you for the hardwork you have done.

How much can I earn as an affiliate/publisher?

As informed else where, sky is the limit, but still for an idea, you can earn from any where between $500 to $5000 per month, exclusively depending upon your skill levels and commitment.

As a Vendor do I need to pay?

Yes, definitely, to take care of the hard work of our affiliates, you need ot maintain a safe balance as decided from time to time. Which may start from $100 and will vary over a period.

Can I get support?

We will with you all the time, hand holding for maximum profits for you and for our team members as well. It is a win win situation and we all are interdependent and work together.

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We want only hard working, visionary business owners and affiliates, who believe in their business, products and/or services and themselves. Only and only if you are such kind of vendor/affiliate, take time to join us. You are most welcome.