Welcomes both Vendors and Publishers alike.

Inviting all young, old, unemployed, home makers and every one in need of money from all over the world. To earn money from Internet. The brightest and the most legit way on earth. Nothing to buy nothing to learn, nothing to spend. Earn, Earn and Earn and get tired of earning. But only high quality hardworking and above average intelligent people are invited. This is right now only through invitation, so if interested tell us about you and ask for an invitation. Spammers and other anti social elements are not welcome.

As well we invite world class vendors, to get the help from our army of high quality publishers, who are ready to promote your product and/or service across the world, with utmost responsibility.


We Build Auto Earning Systems

We are building anyway

We are any way building the automated money earning systems from Internet for ourselves. Take advantage of them, when we give it away.

Many ways to earn

There are hundreds of ways to earn money from Internet, by sitting at home as a freelancer. But right now, we are opening the doors with few fast money minting ways. So donot delay as we may not take more than 500 from all over world.


As you are aware of the fact, that people buy and they shop till they drop, during festive seasons across the world. This is the same in every country and of every culture. So When we are launching our festiveshops.com take advantage of forth coming major international festivals.

Social Sharing

Curious to know? Ok let us inform you, that social sharing is only one of the ways you can earn and there are more better and surefire ways inside. More than fifty percent of the world is spending considerable time of their daily life on these social networks. So you have a bright chance of being part of our social army, who will do only quality sharing.


Watch It In Action

One Stop money earning.

Whether you are looking for full time or part time:

Your imagination is the limit and we are open and capable of guiding you to reach your goals and dreams. Dreams shall never have any limitations, as we know this, we have built this powerful system in place, so that any one and every one can become wealthy in least possible of time. But only and only reason you are welcome is, we believe that you are most responsible, hard working, average intelligent and honest person. Who will add value to every one they are spreading the word, without spamming and with utmost responsibility and concern.


What You Get

FREE Membership

Fully Automated

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

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Best Opportunities

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

"SendMeAds.Com is only committed to bring wealth and prosperity to every one who is ready to work hard and given a good opportunity"

Monarch Inc.

"SendMeAds.Com Sends you the advertisements that will get you good money, by sharing across social media and other platforms and ways, with full responsibility and care. We hate spammers."

Extra Co.

"SendMeAds.Com is only suitable for people, who are ready to take the responsibility of taking valuable products and services, responsibly to the needed consumers, without spamming."



“SendMeAds.Com, concept is so great I could not stop applying at the first glance.”

I used to hate ads. Then I realised that most of my purchases were done only after seeing the Ads. So I know how important are advertisements, that were hand picked and targetted like laser to the very customers, who are looking for them.

“I was skeptical at the idea of SendMeAds.com but, when I took time, I realised the true value.”

It is like eat the cake and having it too. Both for the promoter and for the buyer alike. Promoters will get money for simple sharing kind of small tasks. Buyers will get wonderful products, as every product is carefully selected and reviewed with utmost responsibility and care.

“Earning money, has never been so easy till now. But SendMeAds.Com going to change it forever”

Who can spend tens of thousands of dollars of money to acquire the tools they have. Who can spend tens of thousands of dollars to acquired the knowledge they have. Who can spend 1000s of hours to master whole eco system. Very thankful to them.

Fully Responsive

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Where ever you are and whatever device you want to earn money from. We are covering you. We know that how difficult it is to have a laptop and a smartphone. Hold your breath, the first batch of joiners soon will be given FREE Laptop and/or Smart Phones with unlimited FREE Internet(only for working pursposes). So, you are on Android or Windows or iOS, you can mint money from your free time. But, remember the doors will be closed after getting first 500 people from all over the world. That means there is no time to wait. It costs you nothing to register.

Levels of Membership

Choose A Level That Works For You

All are not same. So we have started Silver, Gold and Diamond levels to start with. May be later, we come up with more and more levels. Remember every level, basic entry is absolutely FREE.


Amounts mentioned are aproximate earning potential per month. Depends on the persons intelligence and hardworking levels.

Join Today

What are you waiting for? Have you taken the advice of your neighbour? who never cares for your welfare, have you taken the suggestion of your close family member, who has no knowledge of what Internet is? That will leave you infront of the closed doors, once we get 500 it is all over, at lease for time being. You can join us later, when we MAY open the doors in next 2 to 3 years.